Truro city trail


The Truro City Loop shows off Truro’s interesting heritage. Some of its best-loved places are hidden away, but follow the red route and you will find them.

Walk the City Loop and enjoy beautiful architecture, public spaces and historic streets.

History and highlights

The southern part of the Truro City Loop walk takes you round some of Truro’s oldest, cobbled streets.
Look up, some of Truro’s best features are discovered above eye level in the city’s architecture.

The monument at Lemon Street/Daniell Street commemorates local explorer Richard Lander.

The Truro City Loop route

Join at Lemon Quay, a short walk through the subway from Garras Wharf car park (Tesco).

  • Travel by train to this route (Truro Station)
  • Pause outside Truro Cathedral at High Cross
  • Climb to car park access at Walsingham Place for stunning photos of this historic crescent