Follow Malpas Road from Boscawen Park to Malpas village. This is a leisurely 30-minute walk via pavement which takes you as far as Sunny Corner. As you walk towards the village you will be rewarded with stunning views across the river to an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Continue through the village past the Heron Inn. Follow the signs for the footpath, which follows the edge of the creek and river. The path takes you through the beautiful forest, rewards a steep climb with sweeping views of Truro and brings you back to Boscawen Park.

History and highlights

The famous Cornish love story of Tristan and Iseult, tells how Tristan crossed the river at La Mal Pas, the early name for today’s Malpas!

King Mark was a King of Cornwall in the Sixth Century and Tristan was one of his knights. Tristan and Iseult fled Cornwall with Mark in hot pursuit.

Moresk Forest is thought to have been as large as 20 square miles. Much of this woodland has vanished but the remaining woodland is one of Truro’s most unspoiled locations.

Plan your route
  • The pavement finishes at Sunny Corner
  • The road to Malpas is popular with walkers and runners
  • Approx. 2.7 miles / around 75 minutes
  • Not wheelchair or buggy friendly
  • The route through the woodland is off-road, hilly, and muddy after rainfall during winter