ABOUT Truro Loops


The ethos of Truro Loops is to use what is already here – cycle paths, walkways, parks and rivers – to improve car-free connections across Truro. This is a natural development which shows care for the changes our city is experiencing, and makes the most of Truro’s assets without building new.

Truro is surrounded by abundant countryside. Our vision is that everyone who wants to do so can access Truro Loops and enjoy free access to the open, green spaces around us.

Truro River Working Group Community Interest Company (TRWG CIC) was founded in 2017 as a community based organisation, promoting Truro Loops as a project to re-connect the city with its river and support the Truro community to explore the stunning environment and heritage in Truro, in a sustainable way. We are run by volunteers from our community, including a Board and a Steering Group.

Naturally Connected








Truro Loops is championed by the Truro River Working Group Community Interest Company (TRWG CIC), rooted in the community of Truro. The project is supported by Cornwall Council and has received ERDF funding, helping to bring our plans to life. TRWG benefits from the expertise of several trusted partners in Truro and the local area who have been very generous with their time.

Acknowledging history, embracing change

Truro Loops is a project with a vision to reconnect Truro to its riverside heritage. We’re leading a bold plan to build bridges across the river and improve walkways and cycle routes for everyone. Current developments are the result of more than five years hard work of a dedicated, volunteer team.

In 2016 Cornwall Environmental Consultants (CEC Ltd) undertook a feasibility study into the viability and potential of the Truro Loops Project. With a spotlight on Cornwall and renewed investment focus on Truro via the Town Deal Fund programme, these dreams are within our sights. Our vision is to facilitate car-free living and innovation in Truro.

Our Core Values

Free access to parks, waterfronts, countryside and the open spaces within Truro are essential for the wellbeing of the city and all who live and visit.

Truro Loops is a community interest company.